AMAi – Extremis

Furniture that is as flexible as your lifestyle: standing up or sitting down, indoors or outdoors, an effortless dinner event with friends or a focused brainstorm session with colleagues? AMAi is a landing place for togetherness, adapting instantly to every new experience! This marvel of multifunctionality breaks down the boundaries of your imagination and joins together the good aspects of life. A standing, dynamic chat or a comfortable, seated lunch? AMAi is your partner for a flexible lifestyle where each shared moment matters from morning through night. Simply add more A-frames to extend togetherness into infinity.

Amai, the Flemish word to express astonishment fits this adjustable table neatly. AMAi, a word consisting of two ‘A’s’ – just like the table frames – and conveying A Magnificent Amazing Idea.This unique, multi and utility patented design is the first outdoor set that truly has it all: flexibility, durability, timeless and innovative design.

AMAi is the flexibility that you desire, all the time, indoors and outdoors. Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction where multifunctional magic finds its purpose. In between these frames, you can position the tabletop into two heights: standard or high. Thanks to the innovative design, even a single person can smoothly slide the tabletop from ‘sitting height’ into ‘standing height’ and vice versa. Get creative by combining your favorite finishes and accessories to accommodate any communal experience. The frame overhead can have optional LED lights and/or plugs to offer connectivity at all times. Add the shade for protection from the sun or shelter from light drizzle. By adding more A-frames, you extend togetherness into infinity. One AMAi seats 8 people and stands even more. Three pieces combined easily gather a small orchestra!