Orgatec 2022 – Pedrali

Through #Pedraliworkspaces stand, Pedrali proposes its vision of work, starting from the observation that what only yesterday had seemed a forecast for the future, is today the new normal. 

The office space is evolving in a dynamic and versatile way, with multifunctional furniture being the most important elements. Furniture must be modular, functional and sustainable, to create work environments that can be easily customised and tailored to the needs of the moment. 

For example, meeting rooms can be converted into separate workplaces, break-out zones are added where you can relax and a lot of attention is paid to company restaurants that are fully equipped. Finally, we should not forget a comfortable home office. Pedrali responds perfectly to this with their new collection!

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left : The Polar office chair at a Toa table with matching Toa privacy screen and the Giravolta lamp provides sufficient lighting.

right : The Hevea planters provide the perfect separation and brings nature inside! In the background we see the Buddy Hub sofa.

Let’s mix and match! Thanks to its modular design, the Buddyhub Desk can be combined with other Buddyhub desks or with lounge chairs from the same collection.

Pedrali is also thinking about the outdoor spaces. Here we see the Reva Cocoon outdoor sofa and Panarea armchairs.